Installation Ways of Cabinet Door Damper

Lijiali cabinet door damper is a device that prevents cabinet doors from slamming shut by adjusting the speed of closure. These dampers are easy to install and can be used on all types of cabinet doors. Some of these systems require an additional screw, while others are self-installing. You should follow instructions carefully to ensure proper installation. These devices come with an on/off switch and are adjustable. 

The drawers and door dampers are an excellent complement for your home, which is perfectly suited for use in the kitchen, helping your wardrobes safer and silent. In addition to protecting your fingers, your drawers and doors will also help you protect the kitchen unit to prevent damage and significantly prolong life. Houses, drawers and door dampers adapted to children, very easy to adapt. Learn how to do it in this fast DIY guide.

Installing the Door Damper

The installation of the cabinet door damper is a truly fast, simple and affordable DIY job that anyone can do, it only takes a few minutes. You can use two methods, depending on whether you want to use a registry or universal clip on the registry. Both do the same job, but if you want to clip, you must make sure they correspond to the door hinge.

Suitable for Average Door Damper 

First of all, you should determine how many dampers you need. For standard doors, a single damper is usually enough, although you can want to put two heavier doors. First exercise where you will locate your shock absorber. You must rinse them at the inside edge of the cabinet, so the door can be pressed into the housing. Place the on the inner edge and mark the place where you want to do the hole. Now use your armrest to make a pilot vulnerability in the cabinet. Finally, screw the damper sold from cabinet door damper manufacturer Lijiali and housing on the cabinet, make sure that the pretty short screw is selected and will not go to the cabinet. 

Filled A Clip On Door Damper

You need: Before you start, on the threshold, you must make sure to buy the right clip on the profile of the door at the hinge. Look at your hinge and write production and style. Then use this information to make sure you get the right product. Clip accessories on the door damper can not be simpler – they simply flash directly to the existing hinge. Typically, they also have screws opposite the unit. This will allow you to change the tension to provide the cabinet to provide the good stop.

Install Drawer Damper

The installation of the damper of cabinet is another quick and easy job, which does not require any special tools or skills. If you have purchased a new kitchen, you can remember that you allow yourself to save the part and installation.

Finally, You should check that the damper is well-built and will recover quickly from quick opening. Its installation is a simple DIY project that requires just four materials and a little experience. Nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile investment as it will save you time and money. You’ll be glad you did it. You’ll be surprised how many benefits you’ll get from installing a cabinet door damper. They’re a great choice for kitchens with children or pets, as they can prevent accidents and other potential injuries from impact damage.