Decorative Material Field

Sliding doors in kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes are opened and closed with great force, causing noise and potential safety hazards, and also reducing the service life of the product. For this reason, Lijiali has developed a special buffer for sliding doors, allowing sliding doors to open quickly, close the door softly which avoid the safety hazard of sliding door impact. According to the characteristics of curtains, doors and windows, Rijiali uses buffer technology to help these products reduce noise and avoid hard collisions.

Values We Offer

Flexible Implementation of Customer Projects

They Reduce

  • Complexity
  • Time to market
  • Engineering effort

We Offer Sensors

  • With high performance reserve
  • In a one-box design
  • In all sensor technologies with standard interfaces

Increasing the System Effectiveness

You Increase

  • The availability of the system
  • The flexibility of packaging material and products
  • The machine performance

We Offer Sensors

  • With short response times and high sampling rates
  • With extremely reliable detection and precise positioning
  • With quick and easy parameterization via IO-Link

Expertise of Sensor Specialists

You Receive

  • A solution offer for all technologies
  • Recommendations for process optimization

We Offer

  • Expertise across various technologies
  • In-depth sensor know-how
  • Valuable data and information via standard digital interfaces

A Reliable Partnership Worldwide

You Benefit from

  • Our one-stop shop
  • Our packaging competence on site
  • A reliable partnership

We Offer

  • A broad portfolio of sensor solutions
  • 38 subsidiaries in 19 countries
  • Long-term product availability

Application Solution

Furniture Field

In order to improve the comfort of furniture and make the opening and closing of furniture doors and drawers softer and safer, Lijiali develops and produces various buffers for furniture hardware to meet the needs.

Decorative Material Field

For the field of decorative materials, such as doors and windows, electric curtains, etc., we develop and produce buffers to make sliding doors and other products run softer and safer.

Home Appliances

For the home appliance industry, we provide cushioning solutions to improve user comfort, as well as cushioning manufacturing services.

Automotive Field

Buffers developed and produced for the automotive industry.

Hinge Industry

We have a fully automated production line for furniture hinges to provide customers with OEM services, independently develop and produce furniture hardware products such as hardware hinges and slide rails with patented property rights, and provide ODM services for customers.

Automated Production Line

R&D and construction of fully automated production line services for furniture hinges for customers.



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