Damper of Sliding Doors L28

  • Damped when compressing the piston rod: 25 26 43
  • Damped when extending the piston rod: 25 26 43
  • Fluid damping
  • Extension damping
  • Long stroke

PRODUCT Description

Item No. Total Length Housing Length Diameter of Housing(Ø) Length Compressed to Bottom Stroke
L28-CJ2.5X43-P09 104.6 65.9 11 74.6 30

If you're looking to purchase an oven Damper for your bakery, you might be wondering just what the product is and what its uses are. The oven damper is a door that is used to seal the interior of an oven, preventing the formation of steam while allowing access to the oven by simply opening the door. There are many different types of oven damper products available, and this article will discuss some of their most common uses.


One type of damper is the self-closing one. This is the most traditional type and was the first one to be introduced onto the market. Self closing oven doors can be manual or motorized. Manual ones require that once the door is closed the interior of the oven is slowly sealed off until the next time that the door is opened; a motorized model however will continue to operate as long as the door is open.


Another type of oven damper is the baker's rack damper, which is generally installed in the back of a commercial oven. This is used in baker's racks so that air can be pulled up into the oven while baking bread or other baked items. Since the baker's rack has no wire or plastic backing, it can easily be secured to the wall of your oven, and since the door cannot be opened from the front of the oven it prevents steam from escaping from the oven as well.


A third type of oven damper is the multi-frame damper. This type of damper is usually installed within an existing oven but can also be placed outside an oven or on the floor outside of the oven. This type of damper is more difficult to install than the previous two because it has to fit around the interior of the oven. It is typically constructed using stainless steel, but there are manufacturers that offer them in a variety of colors. The advantage of the multi-frame damper is that it will keep hot air from escaping from the inside of the oven while the floor of the oven remains cool.


The last type of door Damper that we will discuss is the door with no frame. These are manufactured using a hollow aluminum tube that attaches to the ceiling or door of an oven. They do not have a wire backing and are designed so that they can be secured either to the wall of the oven or the floor of the oven. Because there is no frame around the door, it may be more difficult to install than the previous two, but it can be installed quickly and easily if you use a professional installer.


Installing any type of door or damper in your oven is a job that requires the help of an experienced professional. It is important to make certain that you choose the right manufacturer for your needs, and that you measure the exact spot that your damper will be installed. Once the damper is installed, you should test it to ensure that it functions correctly. If you find that your oven has not yet been installed properly, contact a professional to complete the job.




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