Damper of Sliding Doors L18

  • Damped when compressing the piston rod: 25 26 43
  • Damped when extending the piston rod: 25 26 43
  • Fluid damping
  • Extension damping
  • Long stroke

PRODUCT Description


Item No.

Total Length

Housing Length

Diameter of Housing(Ø)

Length Compressed to Bottom

L18-CJ2.4X59.5-P09 125.5 83.2 10 92.5 33

Cabinet door damper for hinges refers to the rubber lip that forms around the bottom of the hinge in most cases and either keeps it from opening or stops it from going to waste. In some cases the lip is damaged because of exposure to rust or water. In such instances, it might be necessary just to replace the whole door with another one. A damaged door might also mean replacement of the hinges and the cabinet door.

The first thing to do in such a situation is to find out whether you need to replace the hinges or just the door damper. In order to determine whether the cabinet door is going to benefit from a replacement or a new installation, you can take some measurements of the door's perimeter to determine its height and width. This will help you in finding the right replacement components. You should also measure the cabinet door to determine its width so that you know how much space it will require.

Replacement of the cabinet door damper for hinges will require opening all the cabinet doors. You should then measure the thickness of the door frame at the jamb to get the size of the new door damper. The new damper should be installed over the existing one, to ensure that the gap remains open. Before you put in the new ones, you should cut the old ones to fit. It is advisable to use the same wood material for the new ones as you used for the old ones to ensure quality craftsmanship.

The cabinet door damper for hange consists of a set of springs that provide tension to keep the door tightly closed. The door latch is fitted between the door damper to keep the latch in an in the open position. You can find different types of door latch in the market. You should opt for the one that suits your needs. It is also advisable to buy a door that comes with a safety mechanism to provide extra protection to your family members when they are playing around or doing activities in the kitchen area.

When you have completed the replacement of the cabinet door damper for hinges, you should check the other parts of the door frame carefully. If you find any damages, you should immediately replace them. You should work on all the parts of the cabinet door frame one by one until they are complete. Wipe all the pieces with clean cloth before replacing them. After completing the replacement process, you should make sure that the doors open and close properly to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.




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