Damper of Hinges T06

  • Damped when compressing the piston rod:1 2 3 9 17 19 20 33 34 38 39
  • Damped when extending the piston rod: 45 53 58 59 63 64 73
  • Product characteristics:
  • Fluid damping
  • Compression damping
  • High force
  • Short Stroke

PRODUCT Description


Item No.

Total Length

Housing Length

Diameter of Housing(Ø)

Length Compressed to Bottom

T06-4X21.4 27.3 18.1 - 21.9 5.4

Cabinet door damper installation is a relatively simple process. If you have never installed one before, this may sound difficult or even impossible to do but with the right set of tools and materials you can easily install one yourself. Of course, there are many different types of doors and different cabinet types so it is recommended that you learn about your particular type of door damper before beginning the installation process. You should also have a basic understanding of how a cabinet door works as well as any required codes for installation.

When installing a door damper, it is important to determine which style will work best with your current door. There are several different styles of cabinet door damper including wood door damper, metal door damper and even plastic door damper. Once you have determined which type of door you will have to install, it is time to start measuring. This is very important as you only want to install the door damper that is the right size for the opening. The measurement that you take should be around two to three inches smaller than the actual size of the door.



You will then need to measure the holes that you see in the door jambs. You should make sure that your measurements are precise and that you include any lip cuts as well. This will ensure that your new door damper will fit well into the door opening. Once you have all of your measurements, you are ready to begin the cabinet door damper installation process. This is a simple process and all you require is a few tools that are available at most home improvement stores and a level to keep things level.



One of the first things that you will want to do is remove any hardware that is attached to your existing door. If there is any special attaching hardware such as sash tie backs or a door stop, you will have to remove this before you can install the new door damper. After all the hardware has been removed, you will have a clear path to the door jambs. Once you have these off of the walls, you will be ready to measure the hole patterns for the new cabinet door damper. Make sure that you write down your measurements on a piece of paper so that you will be able to get back to them later.



After you have your new door jambs installed, you will be ready for the next step of installing the door damper. This is done through the use of a clamp doorstretch. This clamp will be connected to the door and it will stretch out over the doorjambs. Once the door stretch is fully stretched out, you will then anchor it into place with screws. The process is relatively simple and it should only take you a few minutes to complete.



Installing a door damper is an easy task if you have access to the proper tools and you have done your research ahead of time. There are many types of door jambs to choose from and you will want to do some research ahead of time to determine which one will work best with your door. If you have any questions, you can visit a local home improvement store or even contact a professional installer. They will be happy to help!




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