Damper of Hinges T05

  • *Damped when compressing the piston rod:1 2 3 9 17 19 20 33 34 38 39
  • *Damped when extending the piston rod: 45 53 58 59 63 64 73
  • Product characteristics:
  • Fluid damping
  • Compression damping
  • High force
  • Short Stroke

PRODUCT Description


Item No.

Total Length

Housing Length

Diameter of Housing(Ø)

Length Compressed to Bottom

T05-4x26.7 39.5 26 8.2 31.5 8

Cabinet door hinge damper are a tremendous addition to your home, and best for use in your kitchen, assisting to make your cupboards safer and quieter. In addition to defending your fingers, drawer and door will additionally assist to guard your kitchen units, stopping influence injury and extending their lifespan significantly. Perfect for residences with small children, drawer and door dampers are price high-quality and very effortless to fit. Find out how you can do it in this guidance.

How to make cabinet door damper installation

Difficulty: Easy

cabinet door damper installation is a actually quick, handy and less expensive job that everyone can do, and it solely takes a few minutes. There are two strategies you can use, relying on whether or not you favor to use accepted dampers or clip on dampers. Both do the identical job, however if you’re going for clip on, you’ll want to make certain they healthy your door hinges.

Fitting a Door Damper

You’ll need:

Door dampers, Screws, Screwdriver, Bradawl 

First, you’ll prefer to suppose about how many cabinet door hinge damper you need. For fashionable doors, a single damper will typically be enough, though you may also choose to healthy two to heavier doors. Start via working out the place you’re going to role your dampers. You want to location them flush to the interior part of the cabinet, so it can compress into the housing as the door closes. Place the adapter to the interior edge, and mark the place you’re going to make your holes. Finally, screw the housing of the damper to the cabinet, making certain you select pretty quick screws that won’t go totally thru the cabinet. Finally, clip the damper into the housing, and you’re finished!

Fitting a Clip On Door Damper

You’ll need: Choose the right cupboard door dampers Before you start, you’ll want to make positive you buy the proper clip on door damper for your hinges. Take a seem at your hinges, and make a word of the make and style, then use this data to make certain you get the proper product. Fitting clip on door dampers couldn’t be less difficult – they truely clip at once onto your current hinges. Generally, they additionally characteristic a screw on the reverse of the unit. This will permit you to exchange the anxiety to furnish the proper stage of gentle shut for your cupboards. In a nutshell, we hope this instruction can resource you in every day life.




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