Damper of Drawer Slides L35.2

  • Damped when compressing the piston rod:6 7 8 15 16 18 29 30 31 55 60 62
  • Damped when extending the piston rod:11 12 14 21 23 24 32 35 37
  • Product characteristics:
  • Fluid damping
  • Extension damping

PRODUCT Description


Item No.

Total Length

Housing Length

Diameter of Housing(Ø)

Length Compressed to Bottom

L35.2-CC2X82 146.7 86.5 8.1 91.7 55

A soft close door damper is an inexpensive and simple way to help curb your home's energy loss. The door damper that close automatically when the door is closed not only helps with air leakage, but also keeps the outside air from entering your home while it does not close. This in turn keeps the inside temperature cooler and your heating more efficient. If you have never had one installed before, then chances are you may be wondering what is so special about this type of door damper for your door. Well, here is a quick overview of the benefits soft close door damper offers homeowners:


Energy Efficient - By saving energy with a soft close door damper, your home will be more energy efficient. Saving energy can help you pay off bills faster and get a lower utility bill in the long run. Your monthly energy bill can also be reduced if you have installed a door damper on all of your exterior doors. These doors do not have a big "d damper" like standard door drapes do, which means they can work well to keep outside air from leaving your home while you are inside.


Convenience - A door damper is very convenient for those who do not want to have an open door right outside their front door. It can make shutting the door right after you shut yourself in as easy as pushing a button. Also, it is very nice to have a door that goes right past your head and just stays closed. This type of door damper makes it easier to access the inside of your home or business when you need to, but keeps the outdoors elements from getting in.




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