Damper of Drawer Slides L23.2

  • Damped when compressing the piston rod:6 7 8 15 16 18 29 30 31 55 60 62
  • Damped when extending the piston rod:11 12 14 21 23 24 32 35 37
  • Product characteristics:
  • Fluid damping
  • Extension damping

PRODUCT Description


Item No.

Total Length

Housing Length
Diameter of Housing(Ø) Length Compressed to Bottom
L23.3-CY2X78-P07 149.6 83.2 8.1 99.6 50

The cabinet drawer damper is a simple yet effective method of controlling the movement of heavy cabinet doors. Drawers are commonly used for storage, but there is often a large amount of movement in these areas due to the large number of objects that are placed in or stored in the drawers. The damper can be controlled so that the cabinet doors remain closed and the drawers are not damaged by the pressure of drawers being opened and closed. These types of doors can be found on many different styles of cabinets, from modern to antique.



Dampers are installed at the bottom of cabinet doors. A dampener is then installed above the door. When the door is closed, the damper does its job and keeps the door partially open. When the door is open, the damper is drawn up and keeps the door shut. These products are typically made of steel to ensure strength and durability.



The different kinds of cabinet drawer dampers include some that are meant to prevent the doors from opening while others are designed for complete closure of the door. There are also those that are specially made for keeping the door shut when you are sitting on the bed. There are even some that lock into place, forcing you to sit down before the door opens. All of these types of products are effective in preventing the door from swinging out of the way.



When you have a heavy piece of furniture in a particular area of your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom, it is important to keep it closed. This is especially true for kitchen cabinet drawer damper doors. The problem with heavy doors is that they can swing out of the way when you are trying to access something in the cabinet. A cabinet damper will help to keep these doors closed so that damage to your cabinets is reduced. If the damper is made of metal, it will be able to withstand the weight of heavy kitchen cabinets and will not break. You may choose to install a heavy duty damper on all your cabinets if you have heavy items such as canned goods in your kitchen.



Damper kits are easy to install if you are going to install it yourself. All you need to do is to cut a hole in the side of the cabinet, which should match up with the corresponding hole in the door. The inside of the box should have instructions for how to put it together. If there is a do it yourself type of cabinet installed, then you can simply add the damper to the kit and install it in about 30 minutes.




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