Why Use A Plastic Damper For Cabinet ?

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  • Date:2021/08/31

Lijiali's cabinet drawer plastic damper is an integral part of the process of preventing the wood of a cabinet from being damaged. A wooden door can easily be damaged due to a large impact, and this can often cause the door seal to crumble. The result of the damage to the door can be a buildup of moisture on the interior surface of the door, which can cause the door to warp or bend. A plastic damper is placed over the door in the cabinet and is made of two pieces - the outer plastic piece that acts as the damper and the inner plastic piece that fit inside it.


In order to install the cabinet plastic door, the original door is simply removed from the cabinet. Next the door is aligned, and any bracing or screws are tightened to ensure a solid fit. It is important to make sure the top and bottom of the plastic damper pieces are straight and aligned perfectly with the other. Once this is done, the two pieces are inserted into their corresponding holes in the plastic door and secured with bracing or wood plugs.


The inner plastic layer of the plastic damper acts as the impenetrable barrier against moisture that can damage the wood of a cabinet. This layer is also highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, making it a very effective door seal. However, it is important for the door to be completely sealed to ensure that no moisture can get through. To achieve this, the top and bottom faces of the plastic door should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and wiped down, then thoroughly dried. Once this has been done, the plastic door should then be inserted back into the cabinet, and any residual dust is removed using compressed air.




To ensure the plastic door continues to have an effective barrier against moisture, it should be regularly cleaned. For this purpose, a combination of soap and water will often do the job. When cleaning the plastic damper, it is essential to pay particular attention to the areas where the two pieces meet. This is a common area that is prone to collecting dust and dirt, which can impair the functioning of the plastic piece. In addition to this, dust may also accumulate at the edge of the damper, creating a visibility problem and even restricting access to the cabinet drawer.


To clean the cabinet door hinge damper, it is essential to first remove all of the debris from the slots. This includes leaves, branches, and any other rubble which may have become caught in the gaps. Next, spray the damper with an aerosol spray to remove any dust particles. Finally, vacuum the entire surface with a vacuum cleaner, taking care to gently lift and drop the items as you go. This should then be followed up by wiping the cabinet and any other areas with a damp cloth in order to remove any remaining moisture. As long as you are willing to protect these sorts of products, you will find that having a plastic piece installed on your cabinet drawers will provide you with many benefits over the years.



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