What Can Control Dampers For HVAC Do For You ?

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  • Date:2021/09/24

Control dampers are mounted at a number of factors in the duct work to adjust the float of air via the system. These dampers can additionally be adjusted for use in air mixing zones for heating and cooling air. Rotary damper control will absolutely open or wholly shut their blades many instances a day to operate their given task. 


Dampers are utilized to control the airflow of air throughout your air conditioning system, normally by reducing the rate of the air in a single area of the heating unit. They are also used to avoid excessive build up in the cooling system's draining pipes. It is possible to get a more affordable system that uses dampers and heat control valves combined. These are sometimes called humidifiers. There are a variety of different styles of control dampers for hvac equipment. Some of them are oil-sealed, electronic control, pressure-relief, or thermostatic damper controls. The type that you will require depends upon the model of your hvac system.


Oil-sealed damper controls dampers are the most inexpensive and least complicated to install. They are generally a plastic cylinder filled with an oil that is resistant to corrosion. There is usually an air release valve at the top of the cylinder. You control the rate of the oil flow with a potentiometer - a device that is similar to an electronic control. There are also pressure-relief dampers that use a pump to deliver air into the air conditioning system so that it can move the coolant throughout the entire system.


Electronic control dampers provide more accurate temperature control than the previously mentioned types. They are typically made of stainless steel and can range from a simple thermostat control to sophisticated temperature and humidity probes. The majority of these are factory installed and do not require any type of modifications to the heating and cooling system itself. A few of these are actually installed inside the heating and cooling system units themselves. Control dampers for hvac can be customized to meet a customer's specific needs and requests. Some companies will offer a wide variety of these dampers in both factory installed and user select versions. There are also a variety of accessories available for most of these models. 


In some cases,  if you have any troubles in installing dampers, we may be able to recommend professional repair technicians to come to your home and make your HVAC system as good as new. In order to avoid spending money unnecessarily on repairs, it might be a good idea to get in touch with professionals who can help you find the right HVAC control dampers for your home.



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