The New Adjustments of Sliding Door Damper Make Door-Closer Efficient

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  • Date:2021/06/09

Sliding door damper adjustments may be one of the most important parts of repairing any sliding door or sliding glass door. These adjustments allow you to make small changes that can save you money over the long haul. This can save you from the frustration of constantly adjusting your sliding glass door track as well as spending hundreds on repairs. Adjustments are easy to make and will give your sliding door track the ability to work as it was designed to do.

Now you can close your sliding doors fully without bouncing, sliding across the track. The new damping system that compliments this adjustment is very effective in preventing doors from bouncing, sliding off tracks and causing damage to walls and ceilings. It slows the linear movement of sliding doors, sliding windows and heavy cabinets until they reach a predetermined stop condition. You can set the level to a desired position and as you lower it, the damping system will rise to maintain a balanced pressure. When you are ready to raise the damping system, all you have to do is lower it will rise with the track automatically.

Many sliding door dampers and sliding window manufacturers are using an improved locking mechanism that works in conjunction with the damping system. The locking mechanism is what prevents the sliding door damper from being opened by the swinging door and also keeps the heavy doors and sliding windows from sliding out of alignment. The locking mechanism uses two linear movements for its adjustment. One movement moves the weight of the door outward while the other movement pushes the heavy doors back in their designated positions. This adjustment makes it very difficult for sliding door repairs to occur.

The original concept of a sliding door damper had been designed with two gas springs and an oil damper in mind and was called a "degress braking" system. This system was very successful in its day but proved to be unsuitable for use where there were considerable variations in door thicknesses and the nature of the hose. Today, a variety of sliding door damper designs and materials are available which all utilize the same basic principle of a spring mechanism that is able to absorb a varying amount of lateral energy and then redirect it in a directional fashion to prevent the sliding door from becoming subject to lateral energy. These types of systems have become extremely popular in recent years due to their relative advantages over the traditional sliding door damper designs.



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