Somethings About Air Damper For A Refrigerator

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Air damper control refrigerator is a device that balances the airflow from the evaporator fan housing. This is usually a mechanically controlled baffle or baffle that controls the amount of cold air entering the fresh food compartment. If the flapper is damaged or the connecting rod of the control knob is damaged, there may not be enough cold air entering the crisper, resulting in higher than normal temperatures. Here we as one of fridge damper suppliers in the market, we would like to share somethings for your reference.


How To Inspect The Air Damper for A Refrigerator ?

  • Disconnect power to the refrigerator and open the refrigerator door to locate the damper or flap. It will be found where cold air enters the crisper.
  • The housing of the baffle or damper is usually made of plastic with a Styrofoam lining and may have a foam seal to prevent air leaks. Care should be taken when inspecting the enclosure to avoid damaging the seals or Styrofoam.
  • Some refrigerator models use a temperature-sensing light bulb attached to this control, which will automatically adjust the control based on changes in internal temperature. Make sure the sensor bulb is in the correct position and not damaged.
  • Try operating the control knob to verify that the linkage is intact and can move freely.
  • If the damper/damper is stuck in or near closed position or cannot move freely, the intake damper or damper will need to be replaced.


How To Replace The Air Damper for A Refrigerator ?

Lijiali's air damper control refrigerator in holding the airflow into the appliance. You can locate this device on the back wall or on top of the refrigerator. In some models, you need to unplug the control panel on the top of the appliance and remove the vent to access the damper. If you cannot remove the control panel, you can replace the damper by following the instructions on the user manual. Afterwards, reinstall the control panel and check the wire connectors.


In a standard refrigerator, the board and housing are mounted at the appropriate point in the cabinet for the baffle. This simplifies installation, as all control circuitry is located adjacent to the baffle. The air damper door is also frictionally retained in its selected position. If you want the damper to be open or closed by itself, you can use a remote control to control it. Alternatively, you can set the control panel to control the air flow from both the food compartment and the freezer compartment.


If your refrigerator is having problems with cooling, the air damper for refrigerator may need replacement. Try sticking your hand in front of the vent and see if you can feel cool air flowing through. If you cannot feel cool air flowing, you may need to adjust the damper manually. Alternatively, you can call a service technician to repair your appliance. It is easy to get assistance through chat boxes with verified appliance technicians. If you are unsure how to replace a refrigerator air damper, simply consult a service technician or contact an appliance repairman.


The circuitry used for this damper controls the door of the refrigerator by applying additional momentary electrical pulses. This method ensures that the damper stays in its desired position, while saving electrical energy. The damper is operated by a capacitor with a capacity of 1000 Mfd. The energy required for this operation is accumulated over a minute, which means that the power supply requirement is relatively modest. The pulsing mechanism of the air damper also reduces the overall power requirement of the device.



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