Regular Installation Ways of Cabinet Door Hinge Damper

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A cabinet door hinge damper, also known as a door knob or a door stop, is a mechanism used to control the opening and closing of doors. It usually rests against two hinges on the door frame, and provides for a smooth operation when the door is closed. This article discusses the different types available for installation, and the benefits of using them.


The most common types of door damper for hinges are stationary, or leaf-shape. They are mounted on each side of the door frame, against either side of the frame, and are fixed to the door itself. When the door is opened, it pushes the leaf-shape damper up into the groove on the door frame, until the relative pressure of the two bodies pulls the body back toward the frame. When the door is closed, it pulls the body back toward the frame until the relative pressure on the door is no longer enough to force the door back into its open position. In other words, a leaf-shape damper maintains an even, circular pressure around the door, and its installation is simple and economical.


Another type of door hinge damper is the rotary lever, which rotates around an axis, and is fixed to the door frame with screws that push it into a drilled hole in the door. These mechanisms work by lifting the door outward, and by pushing the leaf outward into its groove on the door frame. These mechanisms, however, can be quite difficult to operate, and are more suited to small doors and thin wood framing.


The final door hinge damper we'll discuss is the door frame spring, which surrounds the sliding track inside the door, and functions only when the door is closed. One of the main advantages of the spring-type damper is that it is extremely durable. On the other hand, this means that it can also be prone to damage from nicks and cuts, and that it will need to be replaced from time to time. The spring-style door frame usually comes with a built-in extension kit to provide a longer life span for the spring, but it can be installed separately as well. Once installed, it is important that the owner keeps the spring properly lubricated, so that it can work efficiently.


One of the main reasons that the door frame spring sets off the door hinges is that it provides extra support for the door when it is closed. When this occurs, it can make the door feel very weak, especially if the room is drafty. This makes it very important to have a strong, fully functional door frame spring, so that the door cannot be too weak to support the weight of the door when closed. If the door frame spring is weak, then both the door frame and the door itself can become damaged, making it impossible to open the door without the assistance of a heavy iron handrail. In addition, failure of this spring can weaken the door frame itself, weakening the whole door.



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