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  • Date:2019/12/16

The look of home is the look of life. So "Your home is the look of your soul", "Your room is your life." With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are unwilling to live in uncomfortable conditions. They all want to live their lives as they like. As a result, all kinds of furniture appear in our lives. However, some these furniture products often become a hidden danger for families. Not only children, but also some adults may be accidentally injured due to the irrationality of the furniture structure. Door cabinets without buffer dampers are a possible hidden danger of "clamping hands", which also bother many furniture manufacturers.

Small addition makes the furniture more safe. Damper is the important part of the damping hinge. The damping hinge uses its cushioning performance to reduce the impact when the door starts to close, and slowly close the door until it is completely closed. The buffering process is more than just a muted effect. The cabinet door switch installed with damping hinge will be lighter and more convenient, it reduces not only the noise, but also the friction between the door panel and the cabinet body. It increases the usage life of the furniture and avoid the collision of hands when the cabinet body is closed in an emergency. It makes home life more secure, comfortable and cozy.

Lijiali specializes in producing different types of dampers, which are widely used in various types of furniture hardware and accessories. It has become the top manufacturer with many advantages such as adapting to a variety of cabinets. The dampers are light and easy to install. During the closing process, the cabinet door slowly descends throughout, effectively preventing the hidden danger of "clamping hands"; at the same time, it keeps silent when closing, and making all kinds of rails slide more smoothly to avoid impact sound. It reduces accidents of "clamping hands" during use and makes safety at your fingertips.

Lijiali mainly involves hinge damper series, slide rail damper series, sliding door damper series, accessories and brackets, etc. It has more than 200 professional and technical production staff, monthly production up to 10 million dampers of different types, products are sold to China, Europe, Asia and North American countries. It brings a full range of solutions for household products.



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