How to Install Soft Close Cupboard Hinges

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One of the best ways to update and modernize the look of your kitchen is to replace your kitchen cupboard dampers with the latest soft close cupboard hinges. As the name suggests, these cupboard hinges allow you to close or seal your cabinet doors with your choice of a soft close spring. This makes it possible for you to keep your cabinets in top condition and prevent them from getting damaged due to constant opening and closing. They are made out of different materials depending on the style you want to add to your kitchen.


Hinges made from stainless steel have the tendency to scratch easily so that's why most people go for the plastic ones. If you prefer to go for a classy and sophisticated look then you should go for the nickel-plated hinges. The ones made from high quality chrome could also be very beautiful but they can rust easily so that's why they're not the best option for a kitchen cabinet door soft close. You should opt for the durable plastic hinges for your kitchen cabinet door soft close if you really want to preserve your kitchen cabinets from scratches and other ugly damage caused by hinges.


Soft close cupboard dampers can also be upgraded to Full overlay hinges. Unlike other types of hinges, Full overlay hinges don't require you to install a new hinge rod or the hardware which is usually sold separately. What it does is it adds a new lid to the existing cabinet using a specially designed hook or clip. There is no need to drill holes and put in new cabinet hardware. All you need to do is simply open up the new lid and slide it over the existing hinges. The nice thing about Full overlay hinges is that you can adjust them according to your preference without having to remove the old hinges and then install the new ones.


In installing full overlay kitchen cabinet hinges you can either do it yourself by following the instructions inside the instruction manual or get someone else to do it. If you're thinking that installing Full overlay door hinges is going to be a difficult task that you cannot do by yourself then you should think again. This type of hinge design is very easy to install and with the right tools like a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape, and saw it is even easier.


A great tip, you can follow to install Full overlay hinges kitchen cabinet hinges is to use a full overlay door hinges kit. These kits come with detailed instructions for installation, which are very easy to understand. It does not matter what type of cabinet hinge design you have, you should be able to easily install a soft Close cupboard hinge to match your current door.


Installing hard-wearing and long lasting kitchen cabinets door hinges can really add value to your home. Installing a new door can really change the overall appearance of your kitchen so you want to make sure it is done correctly the first time. That's why it's important to find quality products to help make your home look great.



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