How To Install A Damper Of Drawer Slides

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  • Date:2021/03/11

A damper of drawer slides should be fitted after building a cupboard with drawers and doors. The number of slides will depend on the size of the door and the amount of space available to install them. It is important to get the right fit of damper. The old damper springs should be taken out and checked for any damage. Damper springs are the only way to install a door that can not be easily opened from the inside or outside. Damper materials can be made of steel, aluminum or plastic. Steel damper hardware is stronger than the plastic ones. Aluminum damper hardware is cheaper than the steel ones. Plastic damper hardware is not as strong as steel or aluminum ones and often breaks or crumbles within a few months of use. If you are replacing the damper on an existing door, first locate the old damper and measure its opening. This is required because this will determine the size of the new damper. Then measure the width of the sliding area in order to get the correct dimensions for the new damper to be installed. In case you are changing the sliding style of the door, you also need to measure the new opening that it will take.

After the old damper spring has been removed, disassemble it. Take off all the nuts and bolts and set aside. It is better to leave this all together as it would make it easier to put the new damper spring in place after you have placed all the new slides. It is better to leave the old spring to be able to work properly and maintain its shape rather than replace it. The old spring can break or bend in the shape if it is left in its damaged state. Once the old damper spring is prepared for use, screw it into place and secure with the screws provided. Make sure that the screws are screwed on tightly so as not to cause any damages to the damper spring and the slides. You may want to install a felt slip onto the slides before placing the damper assembly in place. This would help you to prevent water from seeping through the slides. With the new damper installed, set the sliding track into place. Mark the tracks on the sliding side of the door to guide you as you slide it. With the sliding track secured, you may proceed to slide each track one at a time into its place. This should give you some practice before you go into the process of real installation.

Some homeowners may want to choose to buy sliding track replacement kits that come with a complete guide for installation. With this guide, you would be able to easily do the job on your own. The kit comes with three pieces of track that have a double-sided tapered edge. The edges of the track should be cut according to the contour of the door. The spring attached to the damper can also be adjusted depending on how much snugly you would like the damper spring to fit. A new damper may seem like an expensive project. However, if you think about how often you open and close the drawers in your bedroom, garage or bathroom, the cost is definitely worth the investment. It is also important that you only install a damper that fits your type of sliding doors. If you have installed different types of doors such as sliding pocket, accordion, sectional or bifold, you should check with your local hardware store or home improvement store to determine the right track to purchase. Damper kits are available in most home improvement stores.



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