Focus On The Installation of Furniture Gas Spring

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  • Date:2021/12/03

Why Use The Furniture Gas Spring ?

Furniture gas springs and shock absorbers can be used in any location that needs to be automatically opened and force assisted at a specified speed, variable positioning and safe retention performance, such as lifting and replacing rests. -tilting feet. These springs prevent the noise generated when the footrest is returned to its original position in a non-automatic recliner. Due to its constant supporting force and ease of installation, we can see more and more applications of gas springs in our daily life. But do you know how to install gas springs in the cabinet?

Now we list the gas spring installation instructions.

1. The gas spring piston rod should be installed downward, not upside down. It can reduce friction and ensure the best damping effect and the best life cycle.


2. In order to ensure proper functioning of the support rod, the correct installation position must be selected and the support rod must be installed correctly, as shown in the figure below. When closing the door, pass it through the center line of the structure, otherwise the spacers will often open the door automatically.


3. The gas spring should not be subjected to tilting or lateral force when working, nor used as a handrail. Install the gas spring


4. Do not apply paint and chemicals to the surface before and after installing the gas spring. Otherwise, the reliability of the seal will be damaged.


5. The gas spring is a high pressure product. It is strictly forbidden to dissect, burn or crush.


6. Operating environment temperature: -35 ℃ - + 60 ℃. (Specifically made at 80 ° C).


7. 8. The connection point should be installed flexibly and not stuck.


8. The gas spring should be of suitable size and strength. The stroke of the piston rod should have a margin of 8 mm.


For the same installation position, the longer the gas spring, the greater the opening angle. For gas springs of the same length, the larger the installation angle, the larger the opening angle. Therefore, from professional furniture gas spring supplier pespective, when we install the gas spring, we must first determine the opening angle, and then determine the installation position of the gas spring. This will help you find the most suitable gas spring!



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