Different Types of Compression Gas Springs

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  • Date:2021/06/09

Standard compression gas springs (often called compression springs) are generally long, self-contained dynamic force producing devices, usually employed in an array of mechanical applications, to help the lifting, dampening, and counterbalancing of specific applications. The compression springs, which often bear a striking resemblance to the springs seen in car engines, provide the basis for a host of different types of springs including hydraulic, pneumatic, and shock absorbing. The compression springs allow the transfer of energy to a central point, which in turn generates mechanical energy to carry out the function. While these unique springs have been around for decades, their usefulness is growing at an exponential rate and they are now being utilized in virtually every industry in the world.

There are several different types of standard gas springs. The most popular ones include the following:

The long cylinder spring

Longer than the compression gas springs, the long cylinder spring is capable of sustaining larger stresses than its shorter counterpart. A longer cylinder spring allows the weight of the spring to be spread across a larger area of the cylinder because it has more length to work with. This method is preferred when the application where the compression spring is to be utilized is for heavier loads. For instance, the long cylinder spring found on forklifts is employed primarily to lift heavy loads rather than dampen or stabilize the movement of the forks themselves.

The mini spring

A shorter than the typical compression gas springs, the mini spring is capable of sustaining only very light stresses. The compression spring itself can be much lighter than one would expect, since it is contained within the piston itself. Mini springs can therefore be used in applications where it is not feasible to use a full compression spring. They can also be used in applications where the performance of the spring is sensitive to the environment, since they can be compressed at very low temperatures.

The Traction gas spring

In addition to the different types of compression gas springs are intended for use with on-road machinery such as the backhoe. They are also popularly employed in on-carriage applications because they can be mounted on the axle and are capable of transmitting power via the suspension system. The rebound of the backhoe's tires against the suspension is the principle behind the operation of traction gas springs. Because the force of the springs is transmitted to the axle, this allows for the backhoe to travel at an increased speed.

The tension gas spring

It is important to note that, just like the other types of compression gas springs, the tension gas springs and the sliding tension gas springs are available in a variety of sizes. Most manufacturers utilize standard sizes throughout their product line. However, some specialty sizes are available through some manufacturers. For example, some manufacturers sell adjustable gas springs that have a center pin that can be adjusted to allow for a range of spring tension that is necessary for various types of equipment.



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