Different Types Of Cabinets Door Hinge Dampers

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  • Date:2021/09/07

One of the most common complaints about cabinet door hinge dampers is that they are difficult to open and close, especially if they are made with a cabinet door hinge. Damper systems on cabinets help to prevent slippage from happening and this is because it creates a lock which holds the door together until it is opened. There are different types of door hinges such as the sliding glass door damper or the elasto plastic dampers type. It is important that you select the right one for your door to ensure that it offers the best security.


The hydraulic damper hinges is probably the most common type and these are used on the majority of kitchen cupboard doors. These tend to be a lot cheaper than the magnetic ones and can be found in a number of different finishes. The bad thing about these is that they do not offer as much security as a magnetic door handle and they are also more likely to be damaged. They are often made out of plastic and although they do stop doors from being damaged, they do not stop them opening any further. 


Sliding glass door damper are often recommended by professionals as the best way to stop your doors from opening. They work by using a specialised glass that has an anti-corrosive property. The anti-corrosive properties prevent the glass from cracking when it is in contact with moisture for long periods of time. The door handle uses the same property to stop it being broken too often.


Moreover, Elasto plastic dampers are the cheapest door hinges available but they are very hard wearing and therefore need to be replaced quite often. They are very easy to clean however, and often do not crack under pressure. Porcelain handles are also very stylish and can blend in with any decor.


Different cabinet door hinge dampers have their distinctives, Choose the best Lijiali hinge for your home would never be wrong choice now !



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