5 Steps To Install Kitchen Cabinet Soft Close Damper

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  • Date:2021/08/25

Lijiali's kitchen cabinet soft close dampers are fast becoming so much famous that some days, just one day, you will find that almost all modern families possess them. But at the same time, this very special type of getting into can shock even the most visiting guests. You may think, what have I done to deserve this? You must be thinking about how you can possibly withstand that. Well here is the simple and quick method that you can easily follow to install it on your kitchen cabinets.


You have to firstly prepare all the things that you need like; you will need screws and hinges and hammer. Then, remove the old hinges and screws off from the door. Next, get rid of all the debris that is stuck in the door jamb. Now, clean the surfaces of the cabinet with a cloth, preferably with vegetable oil. The purpose of doing this is to make sure that the new ones stick well on the surfaces.


Get out the kitchen cabinet soft close dampers and slide it carefully into the position provided by the screws and hinges. You have to ensure that the smoothness of the door is maintained. If there is any sort of rough edges, gently clean them off with a soft cloth. The reason why you have to do all of this is to avoid rust formation on these parts of the cabinet doors. Now you can proceed to the next step.


After ensuring that the sliding door is well fixed, then you can proceed to fix the wooden frame. Draw the lines according to the sizes and shapes of the holes in the frame of the door. Slide the wooden frame until you get to the end of the door. Ensure that you have chalked the position of the screw holes appropriately. This will ensure that the screws do not get stuck in the holes.


You should next remove the kitchen door dampers and insert the new one. Ensure that the damping stroke is of same size as that of the opening of the door. Slip the nylon liner into the opening and its job done. Do this for all the sliding doors of your kitchen. Now you are done with the fixing of the cabinet doors. You should make it a point to clean the surface on a daily basis so that it remains clean and soft.


Last but not the least; get out kitchen soft close dampers and slip it gently into the position provided by the hinges and screws. The damper now acts as an extra safety lock to prevent the drawer operation from happening. With these few basic steps you can install the sliding door soft close mechanism on your kitchen cabinet doors successfully.a



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